The In Alignment Coaching Difference

Why Certification Matters

Coaching Certification is an extensive training process that includes demonstrating competence in proven coaching principals as well as hundreds of hours of supervision with real clients. All of our coaches are Certified Coaches and members of the ICF (International Coach Federation). 

Professional Bio


Sharon has been a Certified Coach (CPCC) since 2008. After managing her own successful coaching practice on the East Coast, she returned home to Los Angeles and managed a nearly 4 million dollar portfolio across diverse industries, including finance, legal, entertainment, healthcare, biotech and high tech. She also provided internal Corporate Coaching to "rising stars" in her organization, providing 360 feedback and liaised between client and management.  This unique skill set and experience allow Sharon to serve a diverse mix of clients.  Sharon is an expert in the Law of Attraction and has also studied the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Brene Brown and countless others. Individuals that will benefit from Sharon's unique coaching style may be  launching a business, preparing for a promotion, new to management, focused on increasing sales or re-entering the work force.  Other reasons to explore working with Sharon include, identifying your true passion, seeking more fulfillment and joy, life transition or  seeking additional support in your life.


The Key To Alignment

"The key to alignment is to get clear about what you want then line up your thoughts, actions and words with it." Sharon Steiner Hart

Aware, Align, Allow Coaching



Building awareness is the first step to getting what you want in life. If you can't define it clearly, then you're not on the path to manifesting it in your life experience.  The Aware step is uncovering  how desires match values, getting to the core of the "why" a desire is active and checking in to see if what we say we want is relevant today or just an old idea.


Lining up actions with desires is simple, but not always easy.  How a client shows up in their everyday life (attitudes, beliefs, habits, words and thoughts) will determine what they are lined up with.  If you say you want more satisfaction at work, but all you do is complain about your commute or co-workers, your not lining up with what you say you want. Your coach is your mirror, reflecting back what your actions are vs. what you say you want.


Learning to Allow is a new muscle for most people.  We live in an action oriented world and the idea that what is wanted can flow easily into your experience can feel foreign at first.  This step is about surrender and faith.  This is the becoming the you that you want!  Owning it, believing it, operating "as if" it's already yours, because it is.  What you want is yours because you said it was when you became Aware, you began behaving like someone who had it in the Align step, so now, it is flowing to you as long as you don't throw a block in front of it.  This is where your coach can really help you get out of your own way.